Juice Plus+ Health Education Seminar

Juice Plus+ Health Education Seminar

Restore Your Health & Transform Your Body”

Bill Gvoich, M.S.

TV and Radio Personality

Bill has been actively involved in sports, health, and fitness for over 30 years  as a strength and conditioning coach, health educator, author, and inventor of exercise and therapy equipment.  His accomplishments as a coach and health educator have given him a unique insight into lifestyle choices and their effects on people’s functional health, quality of life, and physical ability.  His passion for helping people achieve better outcomes from their nutrition, fitness, and stress management programs has been a driving force in his quest to design lifestyle programs that can best meet each individual’s unique needs.  He promotes his “Living Fit Naturally” philosophy through his seminars, writing, TALK 107.3 FM radio show and COX Sports television show.


“The body responds to lifestyle choices. Understanding the responses is the key to a better body and better health.”



*How hormones respond  to food and exercise

*The power of sleep

*How stress affects our health

*How  food feeds us and shapes us

*How  exercise is medicine for  your body


Friday, March 7th, 2014    

11:30AM Doors Open     

Luncheon: 12:00PM – 1:00PM


Deangelo’s Italian Restaurant   

7970 Jefferson Hwy    Baton Rouge, LA  70809


For Reservations Contact: Tamara Santiago Redhead

TMSantiago@aol.com           225-278-4615